Oct 18, 2021
In general, I have to say, women talk more freely about their health with others; and they share their concerns about relationships. 
Men are different; for most their life has been pretty straight forward as far as their health is concerned. However, there comes this time when, all of a sudden, things go “kaput.” There are problems with the heart, the mind, the plumbing, and even some possible erectile disfunction, or ED.

We start looking for answers. But because we’ve never had to, it’s not only difficult to know what questions to ask; it is difficult to make changes in our daily routine in order to get better.

Notwithstanding unfortunate injuries and possible generational poor health, men zig-zag through life pretty carefree.
During the coming weeks I will discuss several important health issues affecting adult men of different ages.

Meanwhile, come in and “try us” with some personal health questions.
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