'Gemmotherapy for Everyone' Book and Supplements


Aug 3, 2021
Gemmotherapy is a healing modality with over 60 years of research and use.

Gemmotherapy Explained

During the late 1950's and early 60's, a group of doctors in Belgium and Northern France started doing research on buds, rootlets, and first sprouts of well-known trees. Having learned plenty about vitamins, minerals, proteins, and herbs at the time, they were wondering what health benefits could be found in these parts of the trees before they would turn into blossom, sprigs, or small trunks. 
What was discovered is a plethora of components displaying an amazing affinity to clean cells in our body. Cells that have become toxic may have a hard time to absorb and process nutrients. This can make our system sluggish and sick. 

The way these doctors have been able to research which tree buds worked with what organ, or system, in our body is still fascinating 60 years later. For example: Alder buds extract may support the heart; European Olive supports healthy cholesterol; Lime Tree buds may be helpful in certain sleep disorders; Virginia Creeper supports the health of tendons and ligaments, and Hazelnut/Filbert appears to have the affinity to both support elasticity in lung tissue, and in helping to break down scar-tissue.

There are extracts from buds, rootlets, and sprouts covering about 60 different trees being used in Gemmotherapy today.
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