What are your opening hours?
Monday - Saturday, from 9AM - 6PM
How many products do you carry?
Our inventory contains about 5,200 unique products, ranging from pills to powders, from chewables to tinctures and liquids. You will recognize your favorite brands. However, we are very flexible as far as expanding our supplement choices and vendors are concerned. Let us know if you would like something we don't carry yet; we will get it. If we can not, please allow us to show you an alternative.
Which brands do you carry?
We order from 140 different vendors, many well-known to you, others more obscure and specialized. We do support local and Made in Montana whenever we can. 
Because we are a local mom-and-pop store, we are free to choose our own inventory. 
You may want to check our online store for more details. 
What is your focus, product-wise?
We focus on all different aspects of health, ranging from single vitamins to multi-vitamins, single minerals to multi-minerals, nutritional oils, combination formulas for specific ailments, essential oils, and skin nourishment, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, protein powders, athletic support, enzymes, pre-/probiotics, hormone balancing, and products for inflammation response. (We even carry some supplements for your pet.)
What are dietary supplements?
A dietary supplement is a product intended to be added to an individual's diet by taking a capsule, pill, powder, liquid, or tablet. Supplements provide nutrients that are either extracted from natural sources or synthetically created to benefit an individual. Supplements can be vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and many more substances.
Are you wondering how to read supplement labels?
When it comes to dietary supplements it is important to know how to read the label. Start by turning the bottle around and look for the clearly outlined (often white) rectangle box which reads with big bold letters ‘SUPPLEMENT FACTS’.

Below this, you will see a ‘Serving Size’ panel, which will state what amount of the product is considered one serving. It will also list the total servings in the container. Outside of the 'Serving Size' and 'Supplement Facts' boxes there is usually an 'Other Ingredients' list that tells us what fillers, flow agents, flavoring agents, etc. might be present that are helpful to understand.

Additionally, the bottle will include a ‘Directions’ or ‘Suggested Use’ panel. This is the manufacturer’s recommendation on how to use the supplement for optimal results. 

If you want a further breakdown of supplement labels, check out our article “How to Read a Supplement Label” or reach out to our knowledgeable staff with any questions you may have.
Do you carry CBD products?
Yes, we carry CBD products, from gummies to lotion to toothpaste.
Do you offer curbside pick-up?
If there is any reason why you do not feel comfortable coming inside the store, we'll be happy to come outside and hand you your order.
There are several ways you can do this:
  1. Call us (406-585-4668) and tell us what you would like us to gather for you. Then pay with a credit card over the phone, and give us an approximate idea when you arrive. Or, you can call us quickly when you are here. We then come outside and meet you at your vehicle.
  2. Visit our Web Store and browse for your product(s). Put them in your shopping cart and pay. We will then get a notice on our cash register; we'll fill the order, and then can either ship it to your address, or you can pick it up curbside.
Do you ship orders?
Yes we do.
You can order by phone (406-585-4668), or through our web store. We will gladly ship it to you.
I just moved to the area and I'm interested in visiting your store. Do you perhaps offer some type of Loyalty Program for your customers?
Yes, we do. If you decide to sign-up, you'll build Loyalty Points with every purchase you make. Once these Loyalty Points reach $5.00 and up, they can be redeemed with your next purchase. You can sign up in-store or on our website.
Do you sell groceries, produce, bulk and/or bulk herbs?
No we do not.
Realizing how many quality grocery stores we have in this area, we decided to focus our attention on nutritional supplements, some therapeutic type skin care products, and education. We do have some juices, water, protein drinks, and snacks, but our selection is limited.
Do you ever have special sales?
Yes!  We hold two storewide sales each year.  Be sure you don't miss them, by signing up to receive email announcements, either in-store or by registering online.
Aside from those special events, we also offer discounts on a broad array of products each month.  

Do you have any health practitioners on your staff?
We are not doctors, and don't claim to play one in our store. However, our crew offers many decades (combined) of knowledge and understanding about health, health concerns, diet, exercising, the supplement industry, and the importance of a good balance between our body, mind, and spirit. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. We also have a semi-private sitting area where you can sit, read our reference books, and ask more personal questions.

We want to support your doctor's recommendation however we can.

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