Aug 7, 2021
We love supplements!

There is much to read and write about them, thanks to many wonderful researchers who have, and who continue, to do amazing work from which we all benefit. However, to use them correctly, and for our greatest benefit, let's understand how to follow the manufacturer's directions and suggestions.

Let's Look a Little Closer:

Most folks are used to getting a one-daily prescription drug from their physician. The same is expected when these people come to the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center.

However, when it comes to dietary supplements it is important to know how to read the label in the product.
Please turn the bottle around and look for the clearly outlined (often white) rectangle box which reads with big bold letters SUPPLEMENT FACTS. Just below those two words you’ll read Serving Size, followed by 1 capsule, or 2 teaspoons, or 1 full dropper, or 1 ounce, or whatever it may say.
It then will state how many servings can be found in that bottle.
The rest of that Supplement Facts box will tell us what’s in it as well as the grams, milligrams/milliliter, or micrograms.

Either right above, or just below this box it may say Directions or Suggested Use. Sometimes, though, it is printed in another column. This is the company’s suggestion for how to use the pills, powder, or liquid to achieve optimal success.

Let’s say the bottle contains 120 tablets.
Serving Size is 2 tablets.
Servings per container is 60.
The active ingredient is 800 mg. (...per 2 tablets. So, 1 tablet is 400 mg!)
Suggested Use is 2 tablets 2x per day.
This means you get 4 tablets x 400 mg per day (=1,600 mg), which will provide you with a 1-month supply.

Most products will say: Take as suggested, or as recommended by your health career provider. 
This will leave the door open for personal preferences, or for adjusted use based on individual circumstances.
Sometimes it is alright to take supplements in a more short-term, intense dosage.
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