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Jun 17, 2022
Montana is a very large state, and it is lowly populated. However, there are several fine companies that make practical products for daily use. The Gesundheit! Nutrition Center is proud to showcase these Made in Montana supplements, salves, and tinctures.

Living in a country made up of fifty states it becomes easy to order dietary supplements from all over, using the well-known and reputable companies people have heard about, or have seen advertisings off. And, we carry those in our store of course. Many people travel through Bozeman, and others are moving to our town from all over. They hope, and expect, to find products they know and trust.
As a specialty supplement store, we also have been approached by companies who make all natural, quality products here in town and throughout the state. We have established a wonderful relationship with the owners; and we feel their supplements are a great addition to our inventory.
If it fits your needs we hope you give them a try. 

Here they are in alphabetical order with websites when available:

  • Crystal Dragon Aromatic: DenteKare, a special tooth powder made by our own Jan Lynch.
  • G-Weeds: Comfrey Salve,
  • Lost Remedy: Salves and creams infused with pure CBD for specific skin conditions.   (https://lostremedy.com)
  • Rising Sun Health: (the only) FDA-approved Iodine products (Potassium Iodide, Lugol’s, Nascent), as well as Bloodroot/Graviola capsules.    
Please read more about their stories behind the companies, as well as about their offerings. You can then try them by coming into our store, or by ordering them through our portal on this site.
We are curious to hear from you how these products work for you?

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